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Why you need to wear more silk

We may be biased, but silk really is a superhero when it comes to fabrics. Not only is it luxurious, but did you know it is actually good for our health and overall wellbeing? Here are some of the top reasons why we should all wear more silk.

Silk is great for maintaining healthy hair

Wearing silk in our hair keeps our style in place, without any tangling or breakage. It also regulates oil levels in our hair, so we can get an extra day or two out of our blow-dry. That's definitely a win win! We love to cover up those bad hair days with one of our collection of custom Statement Silk Headbands - the perfect balance of effortless elegance and practicality.

Our silk headbands and scarves are not only glamourous, but also good for us.

Silk is hypoallergenic

For the allergy and asthma sufferers out there, silk is seriously good news. Silk fibres contain a natural repellent for dust mites, mould, bacteria and other allergens and asthma triggers. Forget that dusty cotton scarf hanging in your wardrobe and instead opt for a hypoallergenic alternative such as our Zesty Hand-painted Silk Scarf for optimum comfort.

Silk has anti-ageing properties

When in contact with skin, the cellular structure of silk speeds up the metabolism of skin cells, meaning that they renew faster, which helps us to keep a youthful glow. This is partly why sales figures for silk pillowcases have boomed in recent years. Silk also keeps our skin hydrated and locks in valuable moisture. So, instead of spending a fortune on an expensive skincare routine, why not go for skin loving silk, which also happens to make the perfect accessory!

Silk is breathable

Wearing silk garments keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to its natural heat regulating properties. This is great if, like us at LR Fashion & Home, you spend your entire day rushing around and get a little hot and bothered! With one of our headbands, not only is a bad hair day hidden, but overheating is not an option! 

 At LR Fashion & Home, we believe that nobody should suffer from a bad hair day or overheat. Thank you precious and breathable silk!

Our takeaways? Silk is definitely worth it in the long-term, not only for its beauty, but for its functionality.

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