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Silk-ccessory: Using silk painting to make accessories

I have always been fascinated by accessories. The fine line between elegance and overkill. The way they can add so much by doing so little. But most importantly, the way that a good quality accessory can be worn again and again and never go out of fashion. 

Growing up with a grandmother who owned plenty of silk scarves, school holidays were spent dressing up and pouring over the beauty of the patterns they possessed. However it was years later before I would venture into the world of silk painting to create my own designs, and now that I have, I will never look back. 

Silk painting is therapeutic and fiddly in equal measure, but the results are truly beautiful.  What I enjoy most about the process is the anticipation to see the final design once the silk has been air dried, steamed and washed, because although you can get a feel for how it will look as you are painting, it is only once the washing is complete that you get the light, airy and super soft quality of the silk which I love. 

When it comes to the silk painted products I have created, think elegance meets a touch of individualism and you’ve captured my thinking behind them. Creating a mottled effect while silk painting is perhaps my favourite way to show off the versatility of working with silk, and it is this technique which inspired the kaleidoscope clutch. Though simple, the effect is somewhat intriguing, most probably because salts form an integral part to the creation of this. 

The salts are scattered before any paint touches the silk to create a barrier between different colours. Sometimes this can be crucial to achieving a well thought out pattern, but for me, half the fun is scattering the salts randomly to achieve a truly unique effect. 

Accessories not only take an outfit to the next level, but they also express who we, and it is for this reason why I decided to start creating pieces for my website. Each human is individual, unique and complex in their own way, and I have tried to emulate this while designing my products. We can all be who we want to be, and whether it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind silk scarf which helps you to present this to the outside world, or a statement necklace which you won’t be in danger of seeing on someone else walking down the street, my products are here to help you express yourself. Just as they have always been how I express my love of creativity and understated elegance. 

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